All the pictures you see on this website are examples of my
own artwork. I began painting about 25 years ago, working in
watercolour but, having 'discovered' oils about 20 years ago,
I now find this medium gives far better results, especially for
finely detailed work (as shown by the example here, which
is a detail from 'Game Over', 40cm x 30cm oil on board).
I also use pastel on velour, mainly for animal studies.
The velour has a textured surface, like velvet, which lends itself
to fur and feather. I produce limited edition prints from most
of my paintings. When you view each individual image you
will find a description of the painting, plus information about
availability of prints and also whether or not the original is available
to buy. A click on 'ORIGINAL ARTWORK GALLERY' will
show you a selection of my original paintings, some of which are not
available as prints,along with details on frame, size, price etc.
You will notice that original oils are more expensive than pastels,
this reflects the fact that oils can take many weeks to complete and
are generally more complex. I also welcome commissions in the above
media. If you think you might like a 'special painting', please click on
the 'Commissions' button above. For more details or contact me.
01472 883438